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How it works

We have solutions for each step of your journey toward wellbeing. Chose one or all of our services.

Music Therapy Assessment for Psychological and Neurological Disorders


Instant screening for 15+ neurological and psychological conditions.

One on One Music Therapy Session Through Musical Universe


1:1 virtual therapy session with a board-certified music therapist.

Musical Universe App with Guidance, Personalized Playlists, Mental Health Results, Wellbeing, and more.

Web Application

An app with guidance, resources, and personalized playlists.

SNAP (Screening for Neuropsychology and Psychiatry) Assessment Results


Your Neurological Profile Is Minutes Away.

We developed the Screening Test for Neurological and Psychology (SNAP) based on years of research in music cognition, personality psychology, and psychiatry.


The results will give you feedback on the following:

  • 15+ mental health and neurological conditions
  • 5 personality traits
  • 5 musical preferences

All users that join the Waitlist will get a 30% off discount for their first SNAP purchase. So, what are you waiting for?

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Virtual music therapy anytime, anywhere

Our 1:1 Virtual Music Therapy is designed to meet the emotional, cognitive, and social needs of you or your child. We use HIPAA-compliant software, and many of these services are covered by insurance in the United States. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to determine whether music therapy is right for you.

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Based on decades of research and science

We identified 1,650+ studies published in top journals like Lancet, Nature, and Science, that support the use of music therapy. View our list here. 


We conduct our own research studies in collaboration with researchers at leading institutions.

One of our surveys based on 6,275 people showed the following:


of people worldwide are interested in music therapy.


will try music therapy over traditional talk therapies


know of a music therapist in their area

This is an enormous gap between those interested in music therapy and those who have access to it.

We're filling this gap.

Your personality type & music

The test will show how your personality type links to your music preferences. This test has been used and validated in over 100 studies, including journals such as PNAS and Science. And it’s free!

Man Listening to Music knowing his Brain Type

We’ve contributed to research articles in top journals including Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences and Nature Communications.