How it works.

Our test will measure your reactions to a selection of musical excerpts and ask questions about your character traits. Our cutting-edge algorithm then goes to work to map your unique musical and psychological profile.

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Three easy steps.

All online. Takes 20 minutes to complete. Requires headphones. 



Choose from our basic or amplified version. You will be able to begin take the test measures. You will have two hours to complete the tests.


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Follow the online instructions and complete all of the test measures. All measures have been scientifically validated and published previously.



Your profile will become available instantly, and you will be able to download a PDF of it. 

Backed by science.

This tests are based on over 15+ years of theory and research in cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, and personality science. 

The algorithms used are based on recent findings from teams of scientists at leading universities.

All tests have been developed, validated, and published previously in scientific literature.

Percentages and population comparisons in the report are derived from averages based on over 200,000 individuals from over 100 countries worldwide.

Your privacy matters.

  • You are in control of your data. 
  • You decide how your individual data is used and shared.
  • We will not share your data without your explicit consent. 
  • You choose whether or not your data can be used for scientific research.
  • We employ software, hardware, and physical measures to ensure protection of your data.

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