Your Neurological Profile Is Minutes Away.

We developed the Screening Test for Neurological and Psychology (SNAP) based on years of research in music cognition, personality psychology, and psychiatry.


SNAP is a screening measure and is not diagnostic. This means that no single score on SNAP indicates a diagnosis. A diagnosis is made based on a clinical assessment including using clinical judgment.

Scores on the SNAP are based on machine learning models trained on over 109,000 people with up to 89% accuracy.


On average, SNAP is 9% more accurate than gold standard screening measures and it takes you only 15 minutes to complete.

The SNAP will give you feedback on the following:

  • 15+ mental health and neurological conditions
  • 5 personality traits
  • 5 musical preferences

All users that join the Waitlist will get a 30% off discount for their first SNAP purchase. So, what are you waiting for?

SNAP (Screening for Neuropsychology and Psychiatry) Assessment Results

Brain type & music

You might have come across the books “this is your brain on music” or “musicophilia.” Even if not, you probably still know that music activates different regions in your brain.


But did you know that the music you like and how you engage in music is also based on differences in the brain? Some people are more interested in the social world and emotions, while others are more interested in systems. And these differences inform our musical experiences.


Research shows that people can be classified into 1 of 5 “brain types” (also called ”cognitive styles”), based on their interest in emotions and the social world compared to their interest in systems. On average, different brain types tend to have different types of musical experiences.


The test will classify you into one of five brain types and tell you how your brain type is linked to your musical experiences. This test has been used and validated in over 100 studies including PNAS and Science. And it’s free!

A poster explaining the features of the Systemizing and Empathizing Brain Types that are obtained from the Musical Universe Brain Type Test