We have music-based solutions for healthcare systems

We work with healthcare payers, providers, and employers, to help meet the needs of their customers and employees.


Our evidence-based technology and virtual care are the cutting-edge of digital health. We address three main areas of behavioral health including screening, therapy, and a wellness app.

Musical Universe Screening, Virtual Care and Wellness App

Healthcare systems can't keep up

50% of people worldwide with a mental health or neurological condition are undiagnosed and untreated.


$3 Trillion is spent by the global economy on mental health each year.


Healthcare systems worldwide are struggling to keep up. There is insufficient capacity for the very high demand.

Healthcare can't keep up with providing care when comapred to Musical Universe

One of our surveys based on 6,275 people showed the following:


of people worldwide are interested in music therapy.


will try music therapy over traditional talk therapies


know of a music therapist in their area

This is an enormous gap between those interested in music therapy and those who have access to it.

We're filling this gap!